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 Wanted Little Calc

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PostSubject: Wanted Little Calc   Wanted Little Calc Icon_minitimeMon Apr 06, 2009 10:15 pm

Now is the Wanted Little Calc no more free. Now if you will have it you must pay it on me paypal account adn after that you recive it.

You can have a part of it:

Aliance Actions - 6 euro,
Brocker - 6 euro,
ER - 6 euro,
Fraternity - 6 euro,
Loom (Excel 97-2003) - 6 euro,
Loom (Excel 2007) - 6 euro,
Stores - 6 euro,
Wanted Days - 6 euro,
Wholesaler - 6 euro,
Ammunition - 6 euro,
Bullets - 6 euro,
Factory - 6 euro,
Sabotage - 6 euro,
Story - 6 euro.

If you will have one of this part send a email on with text whitch part of the calc you will.

Or you can have all this part in one calc as a WANTED LITTLE PREMIUM CALC - 60 euro.

When 5 players will buy the Wanted little premium calc i will sponsor 15 palyers to buy a premium accounts.
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Wanted Little Calc
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